Burnsville, Minnesota


Deb Newberry is a business consultant who has more than twenty-two years of executive and scientific experience in the aerospace industry. She earned a Masters Degree in nuclear physics and has an extensive educational background in math, chemistry, and mechanical engineering. Newberry is the author of numerous professional articles and papers and has served in leadership positions on the Aerospace Industries Association Space Council and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Research and Defense Policy Committee. She has also been involved in nanotechnology as a group leader at the Nanotechnology for Space Conference and the National Science Foundation..

Project Description

Governments around the world are investing $2 billion in it, private corporations are investing even more, and swarms of venture capitalists have now locked on to it as "the next big thing." Nanotechnology is a field of science that deals with the manipulation of matter at the atomic-level, and it will create more than $1 trillion dollar in new wealth and 800,000 new jobs within the decade. The Next Big Thing Is Really Small (Crown Business, Spring 2003) describes, in a non-scientific manner, what nanotechnology is, how it is going to revolutionize business and what every executive needs to know about this new technology in order to survive "the nanotechnology revolution."