Sierra Madre, California


Jockey Gary Stevens fell in love with Thoroughbred racing at age twelve, and won his first Kentucky Derby at age twenty-five aboard Winning Colors. He is a member of the Horse Racing Hall of Fame and the recipient of the prestigious Eclipse Award for the nation's best jockey. The Perfect Ride, his autobiography, is his first book.

Project Description

More than a racetrack reminiscence, The Perfect Ride (Citadel Press, May 2002) is the remarkable comback story of a man who has triumphed over a lifetime of adversity and who stunned the world with a jubilant return to racing in 2000. Searing in its honesty, vivid in its recollections, here is the inside track on the sport of kings, as told by a farm boy who rode his way to the top. From the adrenaline-pumped seconds in the starter's gate at the Kentucky Derby to the fiercely competitive, sometimes hositle environment inside the jockey's room, Stevens gives a candid insider's view of the thrills and perils of horse racing.