Founding partner Frank R. Scatoni heads the San Diego office. He had worked in book publishing for ten years, including stints at Doubleday and Simon & Schuster in New York, before relocating to Solana Beach, California, in 2000. Having been in the position of acquiring books for publishers, he knows what sells and why, and he uses that experience to shape manuscripts and proposals to meet the standards of publishing houses.

In addition to having reviewed, acquired, and edited hundreds of manuscripts as both an editor and agent, Frank is also the author of two pop culture books—Who Can It Be Now? and Say Anything—as well as Saratoga: The Ultimate Racing Experience and Six Secrets of Successful Bettors. He also served as the editor of Finished Lines, an anthology of memorable writing about horse racing.

Frank can be reached via e-mail at frank at

Founding partner Greg Dinkin is the author of The Poker MBA and The Finance Doctor and the co-author of Amarillo Slim’s memoirs. His background as a salesman, author, and management consultant gives him the unique ability to develop proposals that sell. It also allows him to work with authors to build a marketing program once their books are in print.

After receiving his MBA, Greg worked as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. His expertise in business allows him to look strategically at books so they can evolve into sustainable businesses. He helps writers identify their goals and enhance their value not only as authors but also as speakers, consultants, and experts in their fields. You can learn more by visiting

Greg can be reached via e-mail at gregdinkin at

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