We accept queries only via email at submissions at ventureliterary.com. All snail mail or hardcopy submissions will be discarded unopened.

We are accepting queries in all genres except: fantasy, sci-fi, romance, children’s picture books, and westerns.

Our response time for an e-mail query is somewhere between one minute and one month.

If we are interested in your query, we will e-mail back requesting either the proposal or the first 50 pages of the manuscript via email, submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment. (Unless specifically requested by us, we do not take hardcopy submissions.) At that point, the response time varies, but we will do our best to get back to you with our response as quickly as possible.

A few tips regarding queries:
  • Please keep them brief, and stick to the facts: an intro paragraph, a paragraph about the work, and a paragraph about you. That’s it.
  • Because we are reading these queries on a computer screen, don’t use a small font or colored type. If you stick to twelve-point Times New Roman, you will be fine.
  • Unless you indicate otherwise, we will assume that you are querying multiple agents. If you have a strong interest in our agency, you might want to think about submitting to us on an exclusive basis.
  • Keep in mind that we get hundreds of queries each week, therefore it is not to your advantage to follow up on your query or ask when you can expect to hear from us. However, if you have interest from another agent, you should let us know so we can prioritize your query.
  • We do not accept queries via snail mail.
  • If we are not interested in your work, please don’t take it personally or write an angry missive back about how we are going to regret our decision. We are eager to work with clients with whom we can effectively communicate, and the angry response is a sure-fire way to confirm that we will never be working together.

Additional contact information:

For all film and foreign rights inquiries, please call Frank R. Scatoni at 619-807-1887 or email him at frank at ventureliterary.com

Send all faxes to: 772-365-8321

Venture Literary reserves the right to change its submission policy at any time. While we make every effort to return requested material, our policies are subject to change. For any submission inquiries or additional information, please contact submissions at ventureliterary.com

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